Lambeth Made Charter

Getting involved in supporting children and young people in your community could not be easier with Lambeth Made. We will connect you to local good causes and the many ways of making a difference locally.

Local, focused corporate social responsibility (CSR) benefits business by building a reputation, generating customers and empowering staff.

Providing opportunities such as work experience, apprenticeships and work tasters can also have an immense impact on local young people, helping them build ambition through exposure to your industry.

Get in touch and we can support you to achieve this with the minimum amount of hassle.

In recognition of your commitment to children and young people in Lambeth, you will be awarded the Lambeth Made Charter Mark.

Endorsed by Lambeth Council, the NHS, Local Colleges, Charities, Business Improvement Districts and many other important institutions, this powerful symbol of your effort to support children and young people will be widely recognised throughout Lambeth and beyond.


Business Benefits

  • Gain positive PR and free marketing opportunities through Lambeth Made
  • Display the prestigious Lambeth Made charter mark award in recognition of your great work
  • Recruit, motivate and retain positive staff who will love being part of an organisation that does so much good for the local community
  • Become formally recognised by Lambeth Council, the NHS and local charities as a force for good in your local community
  • Recruit local people to reflect your diverse local community
  • Find enthusiastic well supported apprentices for your entry level positions
  • Increase your professional network opportunities through high profile collaboration events
  • Access free training on safeguarding and working with young people.
  • Improve reputation, revenue and customer loyalty.

How you can help

Material Support

  • Offer discounts or special deals for children, young people and young families in need.
  • Provide space where young people can practice, play and perform and where charities can meet.
  • Sponsor events through donations, prizes or in-kind resources
  • Donate healthy food and essential items to schools and local families who need help.


  • Offer work experience opportunities, mentoring and apprenticeships.
  • Provide careers information by hosting an event about your industry.
  • Give financial advice and support via drop-in sessions, individual appointments or group work in schools and colleges.
  • Allow your staff a day-off per year to volunteer at a local school or youth club.

Promoting Lambeth Made

  • Achieve and display the Lambeth Made charter mark.
  • Promote Lambeth Made on your business premises and across your marketing channels.
  • Take part in our digital and social media campaigns.
  • Organise or sponsor events in support of local families.

Embracing the values

  • Promote family-friendly customer service and safe spaces.
  • Take a free safeguarding course teaching your staff what to do should they encounter a child in difficulty or distress.
  • Train security staff in simple youth work skills that help to defuse and calm tense situations.
  • Encourage your staff to volunteer, mentor or take part in local community activities.

Case Studies

Offer Work Experience.

Working with Lambeth Made, local businesses in Streatham created a Work Experience Programme for local people with extra support from a local youth project ‘Inspirational Youth.’

Businesses including – Hideaway Live, NatWest Streatham, FIX Tech Shop and Anthony Gold Solicitors all welcomed young people to undertake a week’s work experience. They were supported by Inspirational Youth who prepared the businesses and mentored the young people throughout their placement. Everyone benefited!

Dee, 16 from Streatham, was placed at the Natwest bank. Whilst there she worked on the service desk, managing customers and helping staff to resolve issues. This built her confidence and enthusiasm for the world of work. She loved it so much and Natwest found her positivity so inspiring that they offered her a full time job! She was thrilled to have found such a great opportunity just after school and her Natwest employers were pleasantly surprised by all the benefits a young person brought to their team.

Find out how you can offer a work experience to a local young person

Take on an apprentice with minimum effort.

We are working with LDN Apprentices to recruit and develop the best talented young people in Lambeth for London Employers. Our apprentices will have #EEWAP – our winning ingredients of:
Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to learn, the Ability to take feedback and the Propensity to take action.

Find out how you can take on an apprentice.

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Opportunities & Events

Lambeth Made keeps you up to date with the latest news on all that’s going on for children and young people in Lambeth. To find out about projects in your local area worth supporting and keep up with local news and opportunities sign up to the Lambeth Made Newsletter or bookmark this page.



Find out how to achieve the prestigious Charter Mark.


Offer work experience, apprenticeships, and business visits. Mentor young people or attend careers events.


Give your staff time to volunteer in local community projects benefiting children and young people.


Make your business child friendly and accessible. Impress your customers and partners.